From missed opportunities to missing immediate family functions along with emergency conference meetings to dozens of convulated e-mails, WebRTC provides users with secure & reliable Peer-to-Peer connection allowing you to make up for your absence with no lesser experience and better results. At Sabertooth Technologies, we integrate customised video-calling applications that foster elite peer to peer experience for all functionalities.


What's under the hood?

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WebRTC enables multiple peer connections which aims to transmit audio/video streams in many-tomany format hence supporting multi-user connectivity. It supplies real-time communication functionalities and is capable of pairing video conference with features like duration of call and user schedules. It can interact with other components of the application, allowing you to have all the tools and libraries necessary to incorporate elements for your business, giving you complete control of how your video-conference product works with complete user-security by encrypting all the data & providing a secure user experience.

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JITSI is a set of free and open source projects that allows you to build and deploy secure videoconferencing solutions at ease for both web and mobile platform. The major benefits of using JITSI is that it has an open source, provides unlimited time and an entirely free conferencing. It further allows you to customise with configuration file or change the code as per your business needs.

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Working with WebRTC can be difficult which is simplified by PeerJS as it simplifies peer-to-peer data, audio and video calls. Equipped with nothing but an ID, a peer can create a secure and reliable P2P data or media stream connection to a remote peer hence making real time communication extremely simple.

Why do we use them?

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Spaces that we make smaller!

Conference Room

A typical Conference room has a host and an audience where the host talks and the audience listens. The host can also invite an audience member to interact by sending an invite for co-host position. The host has the power to mute or unmute the co-host, and delete or add a co-host. All the changes made to the host or co-host positions are notified immediately to all the members involved.

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Interactive Classroom

In Automated Interactive Classroom, an AI teacher on the server automatically sends pre-recorded educational files to students. The students go through these files and answer questions by either clicking on an option or speaking into a microphone. The feedback is anaylsed by the AI teacher and respective actions are taken.

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Lecture Hall

In Lecture Hall any number of students can watch an online lecture at the same time and can 'raise their hands' to interact with the teacher. The queries and responses of the teacher can be seen by all the other students. Also in Lecture Hall, students can see and hear their teacher in real time.

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